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Rita refuses to let Norris come to court with her, asking him to run The Kabin instead. Emily, Audrey and Blanche go with Rita to offer their support. Candice tells Jason that nobody replied to the lonely hearts ad. Jason pretends to Eileen that he's vetting the replies before showing them to her. Sunita returns from Scotland, ready to get on with her life. Rita is grateful when Norris turns up at the court. Chesney gives his evidence via video link and tells the court that Rita hit him and slammed him against the shelves. Cilla gives evidence that Chesney has wet the bed since his ordeal. She does such a good job that Rita's defence lawyer, Leah Mirrelson, doesn't cross examine her. Candice goes to the factory to ask Janice's advice on middle-aged men. Harry leads her off the premises at Nick's insistence. Harry agrees to ask Eileen out on a date. Rita is questioned by Jordanna James for the prosecution. Rita suggests that the charges are complete fabrication, but on her lawyer's advice, she just manages to keep her cool. Eileen is stunned to see that her blind date is Harry. The magistrates retire to make their decision, the eventual verdict uncertain.


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