Cilla accuses Norris of ogling her when he tries to collect a £25 outstanding paper bill from Les. Mike is going on a fortnight's holiday to Spain, leaving Nick in charge. Nick warns Janice that he'll fire her as soon as he gets the chance. Fiz's ring is incredibly tight. She tells Kirk that they can take it to the jewellers later. Tyrone tells Kirk that he saw him on TV, and that he's considering grassing him up. Nick plants an almost empty half-bottle of vodka in Janice's bag and sacks her for gross misconduct. Candice is pleased that Eileen is so enthusiastic about she and Jason being back together. Tyrone tells a horrified Fiz about Kirk stealing the ring. Jack persuades him not to go to the police to turn Kirk in. Kirk sees a policeman and jumps to the conclusion that Tyrone has turned him in. He goes on the run, leaving a distraught Fiz. Harry warns Nick that the girls will walk out if he sacks Janice and quietly suggests that Nick may have planted the bottle himself. Nick reinstates Janice. Eric Gartside arrives for his date with Shelley. He immediately reclaims £10 that Jack borrowed four years ago.


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Eric Gartside (On being introduced to Bev Unwin): "I can't believe you're Shelley's mother. You look far too young."
Bev Unwin (Laughing and flattered): "Awww, thank-you. You can't be looking close enough."
Eric Gartside: "...oh, you're right. The neck. I can see the neck now. That's the giveaway."

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