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Kirk can't afford to buy a ring. In desperation, he steals one from Wilde & Fraser jewellers on Victoria Parade. Tracy and Steve are reconciled as she tells him that she's sorry for all the trouble she's caused. Nick marks Janice's card as she winds him up at Underworld. Eileen tells Jason that he'll have to apologise to Candice if he wants her back. Jason gives Charlie stick over his date with Bev. After the meal, Charlie makes his excuses and sends Bev home in a taxi. Tracy pumps Karen for information about her florists. She later calls and cancels the flowers, again pretending to be Karen. Fiz nearly chokes as Kirk puts the engagement ring into her drink. Harry performs the Heimlich manoeuvre on her and she excitedly accepts the proposal. Martin can't make the Badly Drawn Boy concert ash he's been scheduled in for training, but he's concerned when Katy invites Karl in his place. Janice proposes a toast to the happy couple just as Tyrone walks into the Rovers. He thinks he's been made a fool of and leaves immediately. Steve tells Karen that his mother wants to come and stay for a few days before the wedding. Karen is surprisingly calm, determined that nothing will spoil her big day. Tyrone sees footage of Kirk stealing the ring on a TV crime show. Tyrone resolves to tell the police first, and then Fiz.


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