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Fiz asks Tyrone and Kirk to think of the three things they like best about her. The one with the best answer will help her decide who she's most compatible with. Tracy is disinterested when Roy and Hayley show her the yellow wallpaper they plan to decorate the nursery with. Steve takes Tracy to buy a dining table and chairs. Steve gets out of going to a wedding fayre with Karen by telling her that he's already got a booking to pick up some furniture. Ashley is missing Claire whilst she's in Altrincham. Tyrone gives his answer to Fiz on her best three attributes. He does well, but Kirk's answer leaves her overcome with emotion. She needs time to think. Steve and Karen row when he tells her that he's going to assemble Tracy's flat-pack furniture. Tracy is pleased to have Steve alone in her house. She talks to him about how weird it will be to watch their baby being brought up by the Croppers. He's increasingly uneasy. Steve forcibly ejects a persistent Roy when he comes round to insist that Tracy attends antenatal classes. Gail tells Maria and Nick that they can use her house to meet up, but Maria is uncomfortable and goes home. Tracy tells Steve that marrying Karen would be a mistake and that she loves him.


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