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Fiz promises to be gentle with Tyrone as she hurls him into the bedroom. Penny asks Mike to join her on a fortnight's holiday. He's not keen, and puts her off. Fred asks Maxine's parents to look after Joshua for a week and arranges a trip to Umbria for himself at the same time, leaving Ashley alone at No.4 with Claire. Audrey goes to see Rita to talk some sense into her. She insists that Rita snaps out of it and to join her at the Rovers to show the world what she's made of. Tommy reluctantly thanks Martin when Martin and Katy tell Craig that he's off the hook, as the police couldn't find any evidence of brake-tampering. Armed with a few bunches of Dev's leftover flowers, Kirk proposes to Fiz outside her window, whilst singing "their" song "The Real Slim Shady". Tyrone and Fiz listen in her bedroom until a jealous Tyrone shows himself and tells Kirk that Fiz belongs to him now. Fiz is furious with him, whilst Kirk is left bereft. Steve agrees to a harp at the wedding on the condition that it's the very last thing on Karen's list. Cilla confronts Rita and asks her about the out-of-court settlement. A furious Rita turns on her, letting out all the pent-up anger. Cilla swings for Rita and is hauled out of the pub by Les, leaving Rita to think that she's made things much worse.


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Notable dialogue[]

Emily Bishop (about Cilla Brown): "I heard a phrase the other day that would fit her - 'she has a face like a bag of spaniels'."
Norris Cole: "Spanners, Emily... spanners."


Cilla Brown: "I can see you, looking down your noses at me."
Norris Cole: "Does anyone ever look at you any other way?"
Cilla Brown: "You wanna watch that smart mouth. You could get a smack in it."
Norris Cole: "And then I'd sue you for everything you've got - how much do you think I'd make out of Les Battersby and six pairs of leggings?"


Rita Sullivan (to Cilla Brown): "If I have a fur coat, it's because I've worked for it. Hard work. Summat you'd know nowt about because you're the type that always wants summat for nothing. And you are a type. I've seen a thousand like you with your tarty clothes and your factory language, and if there was any doubt about you, you've got your boyfriend here. If you were worth a grain of salt you wouldn't glance at him. But you've got to have someone to scrounge off, someone to dump the kids on. Of course I'm better than you - anyone's better than you. You're the lowest of the low."

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