Norris opens up The Kabin, as Rita hasn't been seen for two days. A worried Emily tries to trace her. Kevin gives Tommy his job back at the garage on the condition he stays sober and keeps his temper in check. Rita arrives at the shop in a complete state, woozy from taking a sleeping tablet. Norris locks the shop and stalls Emily when she comes in search of Rita. Rita has spent all weekend hiding from the world. A worried Norris listens as she tells him that she has no fight left, and never wants to work in the shop again. Tyrone goes to see Fiz and seduces her with a takeaway. He tells her that he loves her and they have a passionate clinch. Katy gets a phone call to go to the police station to discuss the investigation. Maria has worked out that Claire fancies Ashley. She and Fred decide that between them they may have a chance to get the couple together. Penny King comes to the Rovers as she's meeting Mike. Mike is late, so Fred seizes his chance and asks Penny out on a date.


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