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Rita tells Norris that she'd rather go to jail than pay a penny to Cilla. Kevin thinks about taking Tommy back on at the garage. Rita warns Chesney that when the truth comes out, it won't be Florida that he's going to. Cilla interprets this as intimidation and is pleased to see her case building. Fiz admits that she fancies both Kirk and Tyrone and can't choose between them. Rita overhears Kevin gossiping that she was out of control, shouting at the kids on the street, and furiously storms out of the Rovers. Bev persuades Charlie that she's just after a bit of discreet fun, and things are seemingly back on between them. The strain tells on Rita as she rails against the injustice of everything. Ken worries that her anger and her admittance of hitting Chesney will stand against her. Tyrone feels guilty when he sees what a state Kirk is in. He tells Kirk that he might have misread the signals, and that he should talk to Fiz himself. Rita and Norris share a tender moment, as Norris pledges his undying support. Charlie playfully asks Deirdre if she can use her sway to get him a lucrative council contract. Bev looks on jealously. Tyrone confesses to Fiz how much he likes her, and admits that he lied to Kirk to scupper their relationship. She's angry, but also secretly pleased at all the attention. Cilla corners Rita in a darkened Kabin. When Rita rejects her deal, she turns intimidating and viciously warns her that she's going to lose everything. Rita is deeply shaken and breaks down in tears.


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Norris Cole: "I know you don't like to admit it, but there is a bond between us, and well.. you can always depend on me."
Rita Sullivan (Touched) : "I know I can..."

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