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Rita plans to enlighten the magistrates that Cilla's real aim is to extort money. Chesney confirms her suspicions when she overhears him telling his mates that he's off to Florida. Shelley receives a letter officially annulling her marriage to Peter. Fiz is still ignoring Kirk. He asks Tyrone to talk to her on his behalf. Cilla is gutted when her solicitor, Chris Baxter, tells her that she'll probably only get somewhere between £500 and £1,000. Rita returns from the Magistrates Court. She's frustrated that she could only give her name and address and enter her plea. Tyrone and Fiz bond over stories of their bad mothers. Tyrone realises how much he likes Fiz and lies to Kirk by telling him that Fiz won't forgive him and to give up. Tyrone gives Vera back her ring from the pawnbrokers and reveals that he's got a loan to pay the builders. Jason revels in the gossip about Charlie and Bev. Charlie is very uncomfortable being the talk of the town and dumps Bev. Fiz confronts Chesney about the accusations against Rita. He denies he's lying. Rita is left shaken and deflated when Cilla confronts her in the Rovers and points out that she hasn't got a leg to stand on. Cilla follows Rita home and says she'll drop the charges for £5,000.


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