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Shelley teases Bev, asking if she's sure that Charlie's not going to cancel again. Chesney pretends to come over all faint at the police station as Cilla lodges her complaint. Dev and Maya make up and Maya gives Todd the stolen vase as a wedding present. Rita is taken from The Kabin by the police. She is driven away to the police station, watched by a jubilant Cilla and an unconvinced Les. Bev and Charlie go back to Charlie's house and sleep together after a successful date. Dev realises that Maya's unpredictability makes her even more attractive to him. Les is worried about going to court if their case against Rita goes ahead, but Cilla assures him that Rita will definitely settle out of court. Rita is formally interviewed. She admits hitting Chesney, but only because he was robbing her. The police point out that there were no witnesses, and the only evidence available is that he did attend hospital and they have a doctor's report. Bev is floating on air after her date with Charlie. Rita is arrested on suspicion of causing ABH against Chesney. She's released on police bail and has to appear in Magistrates Court in two days' time.


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