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Cilla comes into The Kabin looking for a fight but her attitude changes when Rita tells her that she does not need to pay for the broken window. Norris implements his "only two children in The Kabin at once" policy. However, it does not stop Bradley Diggins and Chesney coming in to give him cheek. Eileen is in a bad mood at work as she is still recovering from Todd's wedding bombshell. Chesney gets caught nicking sweets from The Kabin by Rita. She clips his ear and he drops the sweets. On his way out, he trips and bangs his head. Jason gets dumped by Candice after Charlie's advice about women backfires on him. Nick goes round to talk Sarah out of marrying Todd but he realises he can't do anything to change her mind. Rita is feeling guilty about Chesney so goes round to check he's okay. Les tells her not to worry and she goes home feeling relieved. Ken apologises to Charlie for going to the council about the asbestos, not realising that Deirdre had already had a word with Charlie rather than reporting it. Cilla comes home and finds out that Rita hit Chesney. She sees it as good way to scam some compensation and plans to get Rita arrested for GBH.


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Notable dialogue

Cilla Brown "What have I told you about nicking sweets?"
Chesney Brown: "Don't get caught..."
Cilla Brown: "Exactly!"

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