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Norris tries to solve the problem with the boys by making an "only two children allowed in at once" sign for The Kabin but Rita reminds him that it's a sweet shop. Sarah gets Todd to propose again on one knee and she accepts. Sarah tells Martin about the engagement. She is relieved that he is happy for her. Rita catches Chesney stealing sweets from The Kabin and throws him out. Bev drools over Charlie in the Rovers. Charlie plays up to her. Sarah and Todd invite their mothers round to tell them about the engagement. Gail is pleased for Sarah. She warns her that it will be difficult but promises to be there for her. Eileen, however, storms off and refuses to give her blessing. Chesney smashes The Kabin window playing football. Rita follows him to No.5 but Cilla threatens Rita with her fists and refuses to pay for the window. Claire tells Maria that she fancies someone who does not feel the same. She refuses to tell Maria the name of the person.


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Rita Sullivan (to Cilla Brown): "'I don't know what dump you've hauled yourself up from but this is a decent street and I'll not have the likes of you threatening me and I'll not have the likes of your brat kicking my windows in. You don't frighten me with your mouth, lady, big as it is. And I'll make you pay for that window, you see if I don't. And I'm telling you now, if anybody's teeth are going to get broken... well they won't be mine!"

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