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Sarah has had a restless night worrying about Bethany. She plans to quit her job at the cafe and spend more time with her daughter. Deirdre cooks Ken breakfast to make up for the night before. She agrees to speak to someone about the asbestos sheeting in Charlie's yard. Blanche thinks that Deirdre is neglecting Ken by going out to work so she takes it upon herself to keep him company, much to the displeasure of Ken himself. Chesney and Bradley Diggins steal felt pens from The Kabin. Deirdre finds Charlie in the Rovers to have a quiet word about his asbestos problem. She warns him to not get on the wrong side of Ken. Gail overhears Norris talking about Bethany. She demands to know what happened and goes straight round to Sarah's flat. While there, Sarah admits that she is a hopeless mother and breaks down. Gail comforts her and they make up. Chesney and Bradley return to The Kabin. Norris threatens to call the police. He and Rita realise that they have a real problem on their hands. Harry suggests to Emily that they set up a charity shop on Victoria Street. She agrees to give the idea some thought. Bev and Charlie chat. They agree to go on a date. Todd tells Sarah how much he realised that he loved Bethany when Brenda took her. He wants to be a proper family. He asks Sarah to marry him.


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