Cilla and Les encourage Kirk to beat up Tyrone. Vera returns from Blackpool and discovers that Charlie has stitched them up over the cost of the work. Todd and Sarah go to Brenda Fearns' house to find Bethany. They break in and are disturbed when they find photos of Bethany in Neil's room. Ken spots Charlie disposing some asbestos in the Builder's Yard in a none-too careful manner. Brenda leads Bethany to the tower of St. Saviour's Church. She tells Bethany that Sarah will no longer want her when the new baby arrives. Sarah and Todd borrow money from Norris for the bus and head to the cemetery. Norris tells Emily what has happened and they too go to look for Brenda. In the Rovers, Les and Cilla argue with Jack and Vera over Kirk and Tyrone. Jack drags Vera and Tyrone out of the pub before someone gets hurt. Steve and Karen discuss the wedding plans. Karen's cousins will be bridesmaids and Steve's brother is coming over from Spain to be best man. Deirdre stays in the Rovers for a drink with her new workmate, Andrea Chaplin. Meanwhile, Ken is at home, dinner ready, wondering where Deirdre is. Vera tells Tyrone that she has pawned her engagement ring to pay for the building work. Emily searches the church for Brenda and Bethany and finds them on top of the church tower. It is clear that Brenda intends to jump.


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