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Deirdre and Blanche continue to row. Blanche accuses Deirdre of not doing enough to encourage Tracy to keep the baby. Deirdre shouts at Blanche for blowing all her money on a house for Tracy - the money Deirdre would have inherited. Sunita decides to get away for a few weeks as she feels her life is a mess. Tracy moves into No.7 where Emily is her first visitor. Betty feels very down. Her son doesn't want her and she feels in the way at the Rovers. The Promise Auction takes place in the Rovers: Janice bids for Les to be her slave for the day, although she only does it to wind up Cilla. Candice bids for a night out with Jason. Rita bids for Norris's address book/card system, but out of pity. Karen bids for Steve's taxi services for an evening. Blanche bids for Harry's cleaning services. Tracy finds Betty sitting all alone on the bench. Betty tells Tracy that one of her biggest regrets is the fact that she gave her baby away to her sister. This gives Tracy food for thought. Cilla asks Shelley for a job at the Rovers. Shelley tells her to speak to her tomorrow. Tracy admits to Ciaran that she's in love with Steve. Blanche tells Deirdre that she's bought No.7 in her own name but that upon her death her will stipulates that it will pass to Tracy. Deirdre is furious and tells Blanche to pack her bags and move out of No.1. Blanche is shocked.


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Ken Barlow: "2004... I wonder what it'll bring?"
Deirdre Rachid: "Same amount of misery as 2003, 2002 and 2001 probably."
Blanche Hunt: "You may have a pleasant surprise. I might die!"

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