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Maya suspects that Sunita jilted Ciaran because she's still in love with Dev. He denies this. Sunita forces Ciaran to admit that he didn't really want to get married. Sunita is now sure that she did the right thing. She tells Ciaran that this is the end of their relationship. Dev is delighted when Maya finally agrees to move in with him. Blanche and Deirdre continue to bicker about Tracy moving into No.7. Ken tries to keep the peace. Claire is distraught when she realises that she's recorded over the film of Maxine at Christmas on the camcorder. Ashley forgives her. Sunita calls to see Dev hoping that he will still want her but is disappointed to learn that Maya is moving in and that Dev sees her as his future and not Sunita. Maya asks if Sunita has been round. Dev lies and says not. Betty is upset when she receives a letter from Caroline Clegg accusing her of setting fire to her own house as a means to move in with them. Tracy announces that she's moving into No.7 tomorrow as she's sick of all the bickering.


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  • This episode was transmitted at 8.30pm.
  • Tracy Shaw makes a cameo appearance as Maxine Peacock in a scene showing footage taken on a camcorder.
  • TV Times synopsis: As the Street is left reeling from the wedding fiasco, Sunita faces up to her true feelings for Dev. Meanwhile, Tracy's New Year's resolution causes Steve and the Croppers to panic.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 10,420,000 viewers (12th place).

Notable dialogue[]

Harry Flagg (to Fred Elliott): "Commendable though, don't you think? The way women sort of pull together when someone's wounded in life's battles? Whereas men, have we been rushing round to see how Ciaran is?"

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