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Betty is made at home in the Rovers where Shelley, Bev and Harry fuss around her. Betty says that she's had a call from Gordon who's worried about the fire. Martin tells Craig he wants to forget about what happened. Craig is relieved. Jack arrives back from the Hortons' unexpectedly. He finds Fiz asleep on the sofa. Tyrone is embarrassed. Fiz sneaks out of No.9 but is spotted by Cilla. Fred and Ashley push Joshua in his toy car. Claire records it on the camcorder. Tracy has a meeting with Steve at No.7. Steve tells her that he wants nothing to do with the baby. Tracy is upset. Sunita's hen night takes place. The girls enjoy some Bollywood dancing and the henna artist paints Hindu tattoos on them. Fiz and Kirk make up but Fiz fails to admit that she spent the night with Tyrone, albeit on the sofa. Ciaran admits to Tracy that although he loves Sunita he doesn't want to get married. Sunita nips over to the corner shop to get Maya some headache tablets. She bumps into Dev. He implores her to think again before marrying Ciaran but Sunita declares that she loves Ciaran and the wedding will go ahead. Dev gives her his blessing.


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Notable dialogue[]

Jack Duckworth: "D'you know what Betty? Getting old has its advantages."
Betty Williams: "Not from where I'm standing, Jacko!"


Fred Elliott (to Ashley Peacock): "Right, I'm going on a diet. Well... first thing New Year."

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