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Tommy tells Craig that he's lied to Martin, telling him that he was responsible for the car crash. Tommy is prepared to go to prison in order to protect his son. Martin tells Katy about Tommy's confession. Katy insists that Martin phones the police. Tommy explains to Angela that it was Craig who tampered with Martin's brakes. Betty leaves to go and spend Christmas with Gordon and Caroline. Roy and Hayley are disappointed to learn that No.7 has already been sold. Angela and Tommy blame themselves for Craig's actions. They realise that all the rowing and their splitting up led to Craig's desperate measures. Brenda takes Bethany to a nativity play dressed as an angel. She talks to Bethany about how one day she will meet her daddy in heaven. Deirdre realises that she hasn't enough food in for Christmas and has to borrow £50 off Tracy to get some more. Craig can't handle the guilt any more. He calls into see Martin and confesses everything explaining that Tommy was lying to cover for him.


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Fred Elliott: "Beef is the true, traditional Christmas dinner - not turkey. It's in the Bible is that."
Harry Flagg: "Give over!"
Fred Elliott: "It's true. There were an ox in that stable in Bethlehem... didn't mention a turkey."


Karen McDonald: "You know what someone told me at work today? That in some countries, people give prezzies on Christmas Eve."
Steve McDonald: "'Sweetheart, in some countries they think fried poodle is a nice dish."

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