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Brenda calls round to the flat with some Christmas decorations and offers to look after Bethany later while Sarah visits Martin. Sarah agrees. The police call round and take Tommy down to the station for questioning. Craig is beside himself with guilt and worry. Blanche continues to give Tracy money to buy "bits and bobs" for the baby. Tommy repeats his story to the police. They let him go for the time being. Tracy picks up a passenger in her taxi who then threatens her and makes off with all her takings. She is very shaken up. Karen books a bespoke wedding package at Doveridge Hall for £11,000. Nick takes Maria to a swanky hotel for the night. Unfortunately they bump into Mike who's taken Penny King there for dinner. Steve comforts an upset Tracy. She enjoys the attention, particularly as she fancies Steve. In the middle of dinner, Mike receives a call. He tells Nick that he must leave his dinner and go back to the factory to resend a fax. Nick refuses and stands up to Mike. Brenda finds out that Sarah is pregnant. She tells Bethany not to worry and that she will look after her. Karen tells Steve that Liz left messages on the answerphone to say that Jim has lost his chance of parole and won't be out until 2006, but she isn't being charged and is having a great time in Brighton. Craig again tells Tommy that he wants to confess to tampering with Martin's car.


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