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Angela is adamant that Tommy couldn't possibly have tried to kill Martin. Katy disagrees. Eileen confronts Todd and asks him if he's gay. Todd denies it and tells her that Sarah is pregnant and expecting his baby. Eileen is furious that he's throwing his life away. Deirdre is delighted when she finds out that she's got a job at the council as PA to the head of the planning department. Mike looks over some paperwork for Penny King and arranges to take her out for dinner that evening. Nick is furious to find out that Mike is leaving him out of the Christmas bonus scheme as he hasn't been there long enough. Maya invites Sunita and Ciaran for Christmas dinner at Dev's flat. They feel obliged to accept. Jason threatens to beat up Nick if he spreads any more scurrilous rumours about Todd being gay. Katy accuses Tommy of trying to kill Martin. Tommy denies it. Katy can tell that Craig is holding something back. Katy goes to the police station and reports Tommy for the attempted murder of Martin.


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Blanche Hunt (to Tracy Barlow): "'Look, tell you what... go and cheer yourself up. Buy yourself some new maternity clothes. You look like a snake that's swallowed a pig in that!"

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