On a Sunday morning, Wally, a chimney sweep, tries to get work from Len. He hears that Stan lives at No.13 and is sorry to hear that May Hardman is dead, admitting he's not been in the area for twenty years. Ena is annoyed when Ruth puts out activity leaflets on the chairs before the service but doesn't refuse outright to play the organ as usual. She does refuse to move back to the Vestry though. Jack gives Wally work cleaning the drains out. Annie feels certain that she recognises him. Hilda and Annie go to the service to see if any sparks fly between Ena and Ruth. Ena is late and Ruth worries that she will never get Ena on her side. Preacher Mr Howard tries to put her mind at rest. Len is taken with Ruth when he meets her. She asks him to help her at the Mission, running a handyman class. He promises to think about it. Ena turns up to play at the service, though with little joy. Wally drops hints that he may be staying in the area for a while. Towards the end of the service, Mr Howard gives out details of the new activities and puts a religious slant on them. Ena protests and walks out, feeling that dancing classes are not the Lord's work. Annie and Hilda wonder if she's having a breakdown. Wally attaches himself to the Rovers as potman. Wally reveals he also knows the Barlows and Elsie Lappin and he's visiting someone down the Street. Val admires Elsie's redecorated back room and furniture. Ruth gets Val to sign up for a playgroup at the Mission. Ena packs some things to stay with Minnie. Ruth promises to look into a council flat for Ena on Minnie's behalf. Ena feels lost and alone and gets no comfort from prayer for the first time in her life. The intrigued residents watch as Wally goes into No.11. Elsie is shocked to see him and introduces him to Val as Wally Tanner - her father-in-law.


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