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It's Tyrone's twenty-first birthday. Jason has to take Jack and Vera's door frame out in order to release the fridge. A huge crack appears up the kitchen wall. Charlie tells them that the whole kitchen extension is unsafe. Charlie promises to start in a couple of days. In the meantime he puts a tarpaulin over the hole. Jack and Vera decide to spend Christmas with the Hortons in Blackpool as the house is so cold. Tyrone is left alone with Monica. Sarah allows Brenda to drop Bethany off at nursery. Brenda is grateful. Martin regains consciousness. Eileen overhears Nick having a go at Todd and accusing him of being in denial. Dev grovels to Maya and she decides to give him another chance. Angela is impressed to learn that Tommy rescued Martin from the burning car. Katy however, is immediately suspicious and wonders if Tommy didn't tamper with the brakes himself intent on killing Martin.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Tommy becomes a hero for saving Martin's life, but Katy suspects that her father may have tried to kill her boyfriend. Terry's gift turns out to be a costly affair for Jack and Vera.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 13,220,000 viewers (4th place).

Notable dialogue[]

Fiz Brown (singing to Tyrone Dobbs): "Twenty-one today, twenty-one today. He's got a fridge in the door, never been twenty-one before."


Jack Duckworth: "When yer gonna get cracking?"
Charlie Stubbs: "Well, I left a pregnant woman wi' no staircase over on Rosamund Street to come 'ere."
Jack Duckworth: "Upstairs or downstairs?"
Charlie Stubbs: "She's got a ladder. I'm not completely heartless!"

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