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Craig is panic-stricken that he's killed Martin. Tommy manages to drag Martin's body from the car just before the whole thing explodes. Craig dials 999. Dev again puts the pressure on Maya to move in with him. She explains that it's too soon. Dev takes offence. At the hospital, Audrey, Gail, David, Nick, Sarah, Todd, Angela and Katy all sit in shocked silence waiting for news of Martin. They're told he's critical but stable and that they can visit him two at a time. Sarah is livid when Gail allows David and Katy to go first. Terry sends Jack and Vera a surprise Christmas present - it's a huge fridge. Jack is suspicious whereas Vera is delighted. Kirk and Tyrone try to manoeuvre the fridge into the house but unable to get it through the front, get it stuck in the back doorway. Tommy and Craig are interviewed by the police. They stick to the same story: that Tommy noticed there was brake fluid dripping from Martin's car and tried to stop him to tell him. Maya tells Dev that his arrogance is overwhelming. They have a row and Maya storms out. David has a go at Katy at Martin's bedside for ruining Martin's life. Katy sits by Martin's bed heartbroken and is comforted by Gail. Craig wants to confess everything but Tommy convinces him that they must stick to their story or they'll both be going to prison.


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