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Nick and the factory girls arrive at Underworld to find that during the night, Charlie has bricked the door up just to wind Mike up. Bev persuades Sunita into having a Hindu hen do. Angela orders Craig to come home but he refuses. Tommy is pleased. Mike is furious with Charlie and tells Nick that he will have to get a sledgehammer and knock the wall down. Nick is less than pleased. Tommy and Craig have a lads' day out together watching the football in the Weatherfield Arms. Tommy proceeds to get very drunk. Tommy bumps into Martin and Katy in the Rovers. He calls Martin a nonce and Ciaran has to separate them. Craig is embarrassed at his dad's behaviour. Penny King calls in the factory and asks Mike to look over her books for her. Maya and Dev get invited to Sunita's and Ciaran's hen and stag parties though neither wants to be there. In a desperate bid to split Martin and Katy up and get his family back together, Craig gets a spanner out of Tommy's toolbox and tampers with the brakes on Martin's car.


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Chesney Brown (to Norris Cole): "How could you call Father Christmas a monstrosity?"
Rita Sullivan: "He didn't mean Father Christmas himself."

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