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Sarah is considering having an abortion. Todd is beside himself. Tommy arrives at the garage reeking of alcohol. Kevin gives him a verbal warning. Katy apologises to Martin for walking out. They make up with each other. It's Wednesday and the last day of Les being tagged. Cilla gets everyone to wind him up and pretend that it's only Tuesday. Eventually Les finds out the truth. Angela sees Tommy who looks terrible. She tries to persuade him to come home but he refuses so long as she continues to see Katy. Maria and Candice continue to snipe at each other. Audrey takes them out of the salon to reprimand them. Mike offers Jason a job as van driver's mate. Jason tells Charlie who immediately pays Jason the money he owes him. Jason decides to stay working for Charlie. Sarah and Todd talk things through and Sarah decides that she wants to keep the baby. Todd is relieved. David and Craig are disappointed to learn that Katy and Martin are back together. Garage customer Graham Wright complains to Kevin that Tommy's shoddy workmanship has nearly killed him. Kevin has had enough and fires Tommy.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Tommy's drinking begins to take its toll, so Kevin decides to take action; Sarah reaches a critical decision about her future; and Les celebrates his first day as a free man.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 13,220,000 viewers (4th place).
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