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Gail is delighted that Nick has decided to stay. Nick manages to retrieve his letter of resignation from the factory before Mike sees it. Katy is upset with Martin as she feels jealous of his relationship with Gail and David. Martin placates Katy and promises to take her out for dinner that evening. Cilla accuses Norris of eyeing up her underwear on the washing line. Shelley is surprised to hear that Peter has sold the bookies. Kevin is cross with Tommy when he finds him drinking in the Rovers during working hours. Nick has a go at Todd again. He accuses him of being gay and messing Sarah around. Todd tries to defend himself and tells Nick that Sarah is pregnant. Nick is shocked and in turn tells Gail. She is horrified and upset. Gail thinks that Sarah is ruining her life all over again. David takes advantage of the situation by telling Martin that it's an emergency and Gail needs him. Katy is furious. Candice suspects that Maria may have got back together with Nick. Emily has a run-in with Cilla over Chesney's water pistol. Martin is trying to calm Gail down over Sarah's pregnancy when Katy suddenly arrives. Katy tells him that she's sick of playing second fiddle to his family and finishes with him. Martin is gutted. David feels guilty.


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Gail Platt (about Sarah): "She's sixteen and already got a second child on the way. She's no prospects. She lives in a grotty bedsit with a lad not much older than herself and twice as daft. She's made a total mess of things. I thought she'd have learned from the first time round, but it's like she's determined to destroy her life."

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