Todd is delighted that he's going to be a dad. Sarah is still apprehensive. David and Craig continue with their plan to drive a wedge between Martin and Katy. Candice is so upset over Nick that she has the day off from work. David engineers it so that Martin and Gail watch him play football together. Katy again feels left out. Craig finds Tommy hung-over, surrounded by empty beer cans and bottles and living in squalor. He is worried that Tommy and Angela may never get back together. Shelley puts Kirk on door duty of the Rovers' unisex toilet. Nick decides that he's moving to London and packs his belongings. Charlie and Jason finish work on the Rovers' Gents. Candice continues to pour her heart out to Maria about how much she loves Nick. Maria can't stand it any longer. She decides she must stop him from moving to London. Nick says a tearful goodbye to Gail, Martin and David. Maria runs down the Street after the taxi and gets it to stop. She tells Nick that she is still in love with him and begs him not to leave. Nick and Maria have an emotional kiss. Nick stays.


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