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David and Craig commiserate with each other over their families. They agree to work out a way of splitting Martin and Katy up. Todd is shocked when Sarah suggests that she might get rid of the baby. Later they talk it through. Todd promises to stand by her and she agrees to keep the baby. Nick wants to finish with Candice but finds it difficult as Candice presents him with a ring engraved with "C&N". Ciaran suggests to Sunita that she might want to postpone the wedding. Sunita says she doesn't. Ciaran is disappointed. David causes a flood in the kitchen just so that he can get Martin round to fix it. Martin feels guilty when he realises that David is feeling neglected. Katy finds out that Tommy has left Angela and feels depressed. She is further upset when she realises that she has to play second fiddle to Martin's family. Eileen persuades Charlie to give Jason a job as his builder's mate. Candice thinks that Nick is going to propose to her. She's gutted when he finishes with her instead. Maria tries to console Candice. Nick tells Maria that he's still in love with her. Maria tells Nick that she wouldn't go out with him again if he were the last man on earth.


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