Lucille celebrates her birthday and returns the £5 to Jack that she borrowed to get Ray off the hook. Ena is worried about going to prison and asks Minnie to look after the Vestry for her if she does. Her friends rally round and Ken and Minnie go to court with her. Elsie starts to strip off her old wallpaper. Ken wonders what reason Ena had to take the tins and if she's been taking pills. Ena is annoyed to be talked to by a old man waiting on a charge of being drunk and incapable. Ena worries about the gossips enjoying her predicament. She is called into court where she is charged with thieving but refuses to give her age to the Magistrate's Clerk until the Magistrate's Chairman threatens her. She elects to be tried by the Magistrates and pleads not guilty to theft. A lady called Ruth Winter turns up in the Rovers looking for Ena, Len or Jerry on a matter to do with the Mission. In court, Ena disputes Mr. Snape's evidence and takes the witness box herself. She claims that she didn't know how the tins came to be in her bag. The magistrates find Ena guilty and accuse her of setting a bad example to others at the Mission, though they accept the offence was out of character. She is fined 40/- and is given an absolute discharge. Jack refuses to allow kangaroo court-talk in the Rovers. Ena surprises the regulars by walking into the pub. She tells them about the discharge but not the fine and wonders if she is morally innocent. Ruth does an inspection at the Mission but avoids telling Jerry what project she is there for. Ena is horrified to discover Ruth is to work as community social worker at the Mission, all day every day. Ena objects as the building was meant for religious purposes only and realises that Ronald Nesbitt is partially behind the move. Ena resigns and hands Ruth the keys to the building.


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