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Sarah isn't feeling very well. She blames Brenda Fearns for all the panic she caused. Dev continues to press Maya to move in with him but as yet she hasn't made a decision. Tommy calls in at home. Angela and Craig are hopeful that he's moving back in but are disappointed to find that he's just come to collect his stuff. Craig is upset. Mike, Fred and Harry attend Preston King's funeral. Mike asks Penny King to sign her husband's cheque. Brenda is rude to Gail in the cafe. She tells Gail how she can give Bethany a far better home and more love than she ever did. Gail is furious. Sunita starts to regret the fact that she will be having a small wedding without her family present. Ciaran secretly tries to contact her family but Dev stops him and tells Sunita. Candice feels foolish when she finds out that Nick took his mother out for dinner and not Maria as she suspected. Nick is angry with her for bothering him at work. Penny calls in the factory to see Mike and sign the cheque. They reminisce about what might have been when they almost had an affair in the past. Sarah tells Todd that she's pregnant.


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Notable dialogue[]

Candice Stowe (to Nick Tilsley): "Who were you with last night?"
Janice Battersby: "It's a song is that. Do you think he'll know t'words?"
Sonia Marshall: "Before his time!"


Dev Alahan: "I'm sure that Sunita's family doesn't want her to live with you."
Ciaran McCarthy: "Because of my religion?"
Dev Alahan: "Well that'll come into it, but mostly it's because you're a liar, you're untrustworthy and you're a waste of space."
Ciaran McCarthy: "Can I get that in writing?"

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