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Sarah is beside herself and Eileen tries to comfort her. Maya admits to Dev that she's been in trouble at work before, isn't really cut out to be a solicitor and she has huge debts. Dev shocks her by asking her to move in with him. Charlie starts work on the gents toilets in the Rovers. In the meantime the ladies toilets become unisex, much to Vera's disgust. Candice suspects that Nick is taking Maria out behind her back. In fact Nick takes Gail out for dinner and tells her that he's in love with Maria. Brenda Fearns turns up with Bethany with the excuse that they've been queuing up to see Santa in the shops. Sarah is hysterical with relief and anger. Todd orders Brenda out of the flat. Tommy moves into the flat above Street Cars. Brenda calls back round on Todd and Sarah with Bethany's doll. She starts ranting at Todd that he's not Bethany's real dad and that Neil is looking down from heaven and disapproves. Sarah is furious with her and Todd throws her out. Nick tries to talk to Maria but she gives him short shrift. Brenda stands in the dark looking up at the flat with an intense expression on her face.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Sarah and Todd resort to extreme measures to counter Brenda's interference; and Dev acts on impulse after uncovering more of Maya's secret past.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 13,330,000 viewers (4th place).
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