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Liz is released on unconditional bail. Brenda Fearns asks Sarah and Todd if Bethany can stay with her that evening. Steve invites Liz to live with him and Karen. Bev blames Deirdre for losing her man yesterday in the wine bar. In the Rovers, Shelley and Sunita plan to go out and get a sari for Sunita's wedding, as Dev tells Sunita that he doesn't think Ciaran will go through with it. Liz argues with Karen over whether she is moving back to Weatherfield with her and Steve. Bet comes in with Steve later and tells Liz that Cecil Newton died. Dev tricks Ciaran into mocking Hindu wedding traditions in front of Sunita. Ashley and Claire are worried what Fred might say about their trip and also what people might think. Liz decides to go and live with Bet in Brighton. Brenda Fearns takes a picture of Bethany and puts it with many she has of Neil. Karen offers Steve an ultimatum - either Liz doesn't come to their wedding or the wedding is off.


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Bet Lynch: "Well, I have to say in my time... I've been walked all over, slavered over, passed over an' all but keeled over? That's a new one on me."

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