Philip Newton finds out about Cecil and Bet's postponed marriage. Ashley and Claire go out in the motorboat but the engine breaks down. Liz tells Laurie Dyson that she is leaving and asks for her wages, and Laurie tells her it will end badly and admits to being the one who tipped off the police about Jim's whereabouts. Karen is upset that Steve is risking everything to take Jim to Ireland, but Liz tells them both that Steve isn't going to take Jim across, she is. Bev asks Deirdre to come along on her date to confirm that she's not meeting Jon Lindsay. By the time Deirdre arrives, Bev's date - Jon Stephens - gets fed up with her strange behaviour and leaves. Philip turns up at the church to try and stop the wedding but the commotion causes Cecil to have a heart attack and he later dies in hospital. Jim and Liz say a fond farewell to Steve and set off for Ireland. As they drive off they come across Ashley's boat stranded and filling with water. They save them and take them back to the marina. As Jim and Liz arrive at the marina they are arrested.


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