Steve and Karen take Jim to Blackpool to see Liz. Bet gives Steve the keys to Fred's caravan so Jim and Liz can talk. Liz goes to see Jim, but Laurie Dyson follows secretly. Liz tells Jim the truth about Laurie. Meanwhile Laurie has phoned the police to tell them about Jim. Cecil Newton tells Philip that he plans to marry Bet and give her everything he has. Philip tells Cecil he will show him the real Bet. Philip hires a local Private Detective to follow Bet and take pictures. Cecil proposes again and tells Bet there are plans that they should marry tomorrow. Bet demurs. Brenda Fearns and Gail argue about looking after Bethany in the Street. Fred persuades Ashley and Claire into staying with him for the week in Blackpool. Shelley comes back to the Rovers. Deirdre gets an interview for a job on the council. David has a go at Sarah for giving Bethany to Brenda and not Gail, Todd agrees with him but smoothes it over with Sarah. Bet hears from Fred that Ashley and Claire are on their way to the caravan. Laurie sees Liz with Jim and realises that he is the wanted escaped prisoner. He makes a phone call and reports the matter.


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