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Karen is angry at Steve for letting Jim stay the night, but Jim persuades Steve to take him to Blackpool at night. Police come round to question Steve about Jim, and he manages to get rid of them, Cecil Newton invites Bet to come and see his boat. Philip Newton tries to persuade Bet that his dad Cecil is going senile. Cecil later asks Bet to marry him, but Bet says no. Ashley decides to take Joshua to Blackpool. Claire agrees to go with him. On the way back, their car won't start and they are forced to spend the night together in a local B&B. Todd and Sarah discuss Sarah moving in with Brenda Fearns and they agree that she shouldn't. They tell Brenda - she understands and gives them £300 towards their rent.


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Notable dialogue[]

Cecil Newton: "We still have our values. Nowadays it's all targets... targets and mission statements."
Bet Lynch: "The only mission I ever knew about was called the Mission of Glad Tidings at the end of our street. And the only statements that came out o'there were about how me skirts were too short and me blouses were too low."

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