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Chesney is proving to be more than a handful. Roy is starting to get cold feet about marrying Tracy. Hayley persuades him that it's for the best so that they can secure the baby's future. Sarah lets Brenda Fearns take Bethany out for the day. Brenda takes Bethany to visit Neil's grave. Bev receives an invite to Cecil Newton's 70th birthday party in Blackpool. Dev suggests to Sunita that she should look for another job as the atmosphere between them is unbearable. Angela tries to reason with Tommy but he still refuses to have anything to do with Katy while she's with Martin. The row escalates and Angela walks out. Steve tells Tracy that he's going to visit Jim in prison. Craig arrives home and is upset to find that his mum has walked out. He tells Tommy that he's sick of all the arguing. Sarah is shocked when Todd suggests they should try for a baby of their own. Katy and Martin find Angela outside the cafe looking upset. They persuade her to come back to their flat. At that moment, Tommy arrives and demands that she should come home with him. Angela refuses and stays with Martin and Katy.


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Tommy Harris (about Martin Platt's relationship with Katy): "I wake up with it and it's on my mind. Last thing at night before I go to bed it's there. I'm getting stuck into a car engine and it's there. It's like a massive great weight that I can't shift off me back."

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