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Bev tells Betty that Ciaran was simply comforting her. Betty isn't sure what to think. Charlie Stubbs and Mike continue to spar with each other. Fred gives Ciaran a warning for serving substandard beer to Les and Kirk. Sunita is still fed up with Ciaran as he never takes her out and is always working. Fiz arrives at her mum's flat to find that Cilla has gone out and that it was simply a ruse to get Fiz to look after her little brother Chesney. Cilla turns up in the Rovers. Les is delighted to see her and takes her back to No.5 knowing his luck is in. Ciaran tells Maya how Dev proposed to Sunita and still loves her. Maya gives Dev an ultimatum - if he wants a relationship with her then he has to sack Sunita. Fiz decides to take Chesney back to the salon flat with her. Katy is furious with Martin when he turns up late having been in the pub. She'd cooked a special meal for him. Sunita goes out early with the girls but comes back early as she's missing Ciaran. She's hurt when she finds out from Bev that he's at home and had the night off after all. Ciaran calms her down and suggests they set their wedding date for very soon.


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