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Builder Charlie Stubbs's lorry breaks down on the street in front of the factory. Mike blocks the lorry in. Charlie threatens to move the car with a JCB. Ciaran asks Bev for some nights off so that he can see Sunita. Bev refuses as Shelley is away. Sunita arranges to go out with Fiz and the factory girls as Ciaran is never available. Todd is worried about his and Sarah's future in the flat now that Peter has left. Deirdre tells Todd that the bookies and the flat are in the hands of the solicitors. Dev confronts Maya about her other man and she admits that she's been seeing Gavin Parks who is married with two children. Dev tells her that she will have to choose between them. Tommy bans the mention of Katy's name in the house. Katy is enjoying playing "the housewife". Martin is impressed when she irons his uniform for him. Fred finds out that the reason Kirk and Les were ill was because they'd been drinking the dregs of beer from the bottom of the barrel and not his pies. Kirk tells Fiz that her mother rang and that she didn't sound too good. Bev comes on to Ciaran and they end up kissing. Betty walks in on them.


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