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Dev calls Maya to try and arrange another date but she says she's busy. Fred launches his new meat pies at the butchers with the Gazette covering the story. It all turns sour when Les and Kirk turn up and tell the Gazette how Fred's pies gave them food poisoning. Ciaran explains to Peter that he can't be seen to be friendly towards him as he values his job at the Rovers. Peter realises that he has no friends left. Steve sends Dev out in a taxi with satnav and Les out with a road atlas. Les arrives back first. Dev realises that he's been set up and agrees to drop the satnav idea for now. Fred tries to use Joshua as a guinea pig on his pies and is shocked when Claire refuses to let him. Ashley backs Claire up. Peter tells Ken that he's moving back to Plymouth as he's nothing to keep in Weatherfield. Shelley decides to go and stay with an old school friend in Anglesey to try and get over the whole Peter affair. Peter again leans on Tracy to tell Steve about his baby but Tracy refuses. Dev sees Maya with another man. Sally is upset to find out that Peter is going and that she no longer has a job. Peter leaves the street.


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