Jack tells Annie they can't cancel the snooker match as they'd have a mutiny on their hands. Hilda finds her club money missing. Jim tells her Stan is backing him at the snooker. Ena moves in with Minnie and shares her bed. Minnie worries as Ena shows signs of depression. David easily beats Jim at snooker, to Stan and Jed's horror. Jim is furious with Jed and goes after him. Ena becomes quietly reflective and feels she has nothing left. Hilda guns for Stan over the club money until Elsie points out that it was Jim who led Stan astray and he has been doing ever since he became their lodger. Hilda tells Stan she wants Jim out of her house today and it's up to him to give him his marching orders. Ena oversleeps and feels out of sorts. Jim is indignant about being asked to leave until he hears that Elsie had a hand in it. He decides he's had enough of the Street and agrees to move on. When Jack innocently asks how she's feeling, Ena goes on a diatribe about how nobody wants to know about old folk. She leaves the shop in tears, to everyone's astonishment. Jim is cold towards Elsie about her cattiness. He and Brenda leave together, glad to get away from the Street. Elsie and Annie drink to their departures. Ena and Minnie are stopped outside the Pick-a-Snip Supermarket by the manager who tells Ena she hasn't paid for some items in her bag.


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Annie Walker (about Jed Stone): "One magistrate, one doctor and a statement from any one of us and we could have that boy committed."

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