Sally is concerned about her job if Peter sells the bookies. Jack is worried that there won't be a bookies! Karen and Steve make up and she says she's willing to scale down her wedding plans. Steve is relieved. Norris is appalled by the Dracula pie promotion at Elliott & Son, accusing Fred of encouraging cannibalism. Later waxing lyrical in the Corner Shop about "jobsworths", he gets short shrift from Dev. Peter begs Shelley to consider taking him back and she later considers the proposition. Dev is put-out when Maya cancels their date at the opera. Peter again leans on Tracy to tell Steve the truth about the baby. Tracy turns up for her first day as a cab driver at Street Cars and is upset when they tell her that she's on the night shift. Tracy cries to Deirdre about the way she's being treated. Peter calls to see Lucy with the intention of formally sorting out his access to Simon. He is shocked when she tells him that she and Simon are moving to Spain to set up her own business there. Lucy tells Peter that he can say goodbye to Simon forever or he can come with them.


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Steve McDonald: "Ended up sleeping on the two-seater settee, woke up with my knees up my nose."
Eileen Grimshaw: "You should get one of them Japanese things."
Steve McDonald: "Karen wouldn't be pleased if I came home with a Geisha girl. I'm in enough trouble as it is."


Norris Cole: "I've never been so insulted in my whole life... Outside marriage that is!"

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