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Hayley confides in Roy that she feels left out of things with him and Tracy. Peter is furious with Ken for going to see Lucy. Ashley warns Fred not to interfere between him and Claire. Sally is telling anyone who'll listen to tell them about Rosie's starring role in Grease. Lucy accepts that Peter has been a good dad so far, and agrees that he can see Simon for two afternoons a week. Hayley is thrilled when Fiz tells her that she would make a good mum, and can't resist telling the gobsmacked factory girls about the deal with Tracy. Kirk's love life is suffering since Cilla and Les got together. Fiz agrees to a night of passion, but she storms out of No.5 when she sees Cilla there again. Roy is aghast to hear that Hayley has told the girls everything. She argues that Tracy will now find it more difficult to back out of the deal. Everyone in the Rovers hears the news about Tracy giving her baby to the Croppers. Tracy receives some praise for finally doing the right thing. Deirdre is upset as she and Ken had been making plans to care for the new baby. Peter argues with Tracy that Steve and the Croppers have the right to know the truth and she's conning everybody. Tracy counters that the Croppers gave her good reason to change her mind - £5,000, plus she's making their lives happier.


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Notable dialogue[]

Peter Barlow: "Hiya Lucy, I never expected to see your name flash up on this phone again... not unless it were programmed to explode just after."


Janice Battersby: "You wanna be careful, you know... all these corks popping. You don't want to hear the patter of tiny McDonald feet following you down the aisle, do yer?"
Hayley Cropper: "Don't you and Steve want kids?"
Karen McDonald: "In a word, Hayley... No!"

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