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Lucy begins to write a poison pen letter to Peter. Tracy receives a bill for £400 from her divorce solicitor. Claire arrives for work dressed entirely in black. The atmosphere is awkward. Fiz tells Les that Cilla is only using him and tries to persuade him to finish with her. Steve and Karen have both found wedding venues - Karen at Walcot Manor, Higher Wincham and Steve at Mawdley's Guest House, Whalley Range. Shelley serves Peter at the Rovers, despite Bev's misgivings. She hopes that Lucy is now out of their lives for good. Roy offers Tracy an extra £5,000 to marry him. She wants an extra £10,000 and gives them until that evening to give her their answer. Les takes Cilla to the Rovers, where he makes a great play of being the most popular man in there. Fiz insults her mother and storms out. Peter and Tracy have a vicious argument, each accusing the other of committing terrible acts. Peter gives Tracy a few home truths, and tells her that she'll ultimately be left alone. Lucy arrives back at the florist's, having second thoughts about posting her letter to Peter, just before Ken enters the shop wanting to speak to her. Roy and Hayley make an appointment to see their bank manager, Matthew Dowley, to arrange a loan to pay off Tracy. Peter apologises to Tracy, but his words have hit home. She confides in Peter that Roy is not the father of her baby.


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  • TV Times synopsis: The Croppers try to salvage the deal with Tracy, while she herself feels compelled to reveal the true identity of her baby's father. Fiz is stunned that Les and Cilla are a couple.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 14,800,000 viewers (1st place).

Notable dialogue

Fiz Brown: "What's me mam doing going around calling herself Lulu anyway? Spelled 'L double-O, L double-O' is it? 'cos that where her career went, down the toilet years ago!"

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