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Lucy accuses Shelley of trying to get back with Peter behind her back. Les is ecstatic to receive a phone call from Lulu, who tells him that she understands why he hadn't told her about prison, and asks if they can try again. Lucy invites Peter to come round to the flat to talk about Simon. Roy and Hayley ponder that they can't trust Tracy, but they can rely on her desire for money. They plan to ask her to go back to the original agreement. On Peter's arrival at Lucy's flat, she accuses him of getting back with Shelley. Lucy calls Shelley on her mobile to tell her that Peter is there pleading to give their marriage another try. Ashley and Claire have a confused debate about what to do next after their kiss, until they finally decide that Claire should stay as nanny. Kirk, Tyrone and Fiz decide to go to the Weatherfield Arms to check out Lulu. Jaws drop all round as Lulu is revealed to be Fiz's mum - Cilla Brown. Peter, and then Lucy, go to see Shelley to give their sides of the story. Lucy asks Shelley to go to the police again, now that she can see what sort of man Peter is. Peter begs Shelley to believe that he was set up. Lucy accuses Shelley of being as stupid as she'd always thought when Shelley says she believes Peter. A furious, bitter Lucy storms out of the Rovers, and drives off.


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