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Deirdre tries to persuade Tracy into keeping the baby herself. Ken meanwhile wonders if the baby is really Roy's, as they only have Tracy's word that it is. Tracy tells Roy and Hayley that the deal is still on, as all she wants is the money. Maria is disappointed when Audrey approves of Nick and Candice's relationship. Tracy furiously denies Ken's accusation that Wally Bannister fathered her baby. Maya comes to the corner shop and Dev is delighted to finally set up a date with her. Deirdre is initially cold with Emily for not telling her about Tracy. Mike is impressed when Nick stands up to the factory girls and gets them working. Roy and Hayley are devastated when Ken voices his suspicions about Wally. Roy goes to see Wally to hear the truth. He is relieved to hear that mumps as a fifteen-year old had rendered him sterile, so Wally couldn't possibly be the father. Rosie, Craig and Bradley Diggins wage a war against Norris and Rita, by constantly kicking their football against a nearby wall. Norris feels powerless to do anything, as Tommy is obviously supporting them. Todd and Sarah are uncomfortable listening to Candice's sexual boasts about Nick. Gail resolves to leave well clear of Nick's relationship, having learnt her lesson with Sarah. Roy and Hayley have had a taste of what it would be like to lose the baby. Hayley points out to Roy they can't trust Tracy, and declares that the only way to guarantee his rights as a father would be for him to marry Tracy.


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