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Sarah is uncomfortable with Todd's physical advances towards her. She wants reassurance that he still fancies her. Emily presses Tracy to tell Ken and Deirdre about the baby. Todd assures Gail that all is fine between Sarah and himself. Dev is scornful when Steve sends Tracy out on a trial run in one of the cabs. Roy and Hayley ponder Ken's future relationship with Tracy's baby when Ken expresses sadness about his lack of contact with Peter's son, Simon. Lucy argues that Peter owes her and Shelley for all the suffering he's put them through. She persuades Shelley to reopen the bookies with her and to pocket the profits between them. They'll pay Sally to run the place for them. Karen is furious with Steve for hiring Tracy, but later revels in the fact that an extremely flustered Tracy makes a complete hash of her trial run. Ciaran takes an hour off from the Rovers, and later surreptitiously presents Ken with a birthday card from Peter. Lucy, Shelley and Sally celebrate a successful first day of running the bookies. Hayley and Roy are troubled to learn that Tracy is driving a cab. Tracy refuses to quit unless they pay her the equivalent of her wages. Sarah refuses to listen when Nick tells her to finish with Todd. Nick warns Todd that he knows the truth about him, and he'll be watching his every move from now on.


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