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Sarah and Bethany have spent the night at Brenda Fearns's house, where Brenda takes care of them. Todd accuses Nick of trying to ruin his and Sarah's lives. Nick asserts that his sister was entitled to know the truth. Kevin gives Sally a hard time about how much time she's spending at work. Ken and Deirdre think that Tracy is suffering with a hangover when she's nauseous in the morning. Dev is less than pleased to see Les at Street Cars and fires him immediately. Bev and Ciaran warn Shelley against getting pally with Lucy. Eileen is delighted when Jason returns from Slough, flush with cash. Steve gives Les his job back, and to prove even more of a point to Dev, offers Tracy a job too. Sally hands over the keys to the bookies to Shelley, fed up with being taken for a mug. Brenda talks to Sarah about forgiveness and convinces her to talk to Todd. Roy and Hayley feel increasingly awkward around Ken and Deirdre. Todd tells Sarah that the kiss had been a moment of madness and that if she'll forgive him, nothing will come between them again. He's relieved when she finally agrees to move back in.


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