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Todd worries about the previous night's events. He tries to talk to Nick, but Nick angrily accuses him of being gay and warns Todd to stay away from him. Angela is unhappy when Craig asks if he can have Katy's old room. Tommy ignores Katy in the street, and she receives an equally frosty reception from Sarah at the cafe. Todd attempts to explain to Nick his mixed emotions about the kiss. Nick thinks Sarah has the right to know that her boyfriend is gay or, at the least, bisexual and orders Todd to tell her everything. Katy refuses when Angela asks her to come home. Angela tells her that she's on Tommy's side on this issue and hopes Katy comes to her senses. Dev has been researching other cab firms and informs Steve that the way forward is satellite navigation and women drivers. Steve is unhappy to hear that they'll have to plough back the firm's profits to fund this, thinking of the expensive wedding he's expected to pay for. Nick asks Ashley to join him for a drink, keen to have a "normal" friendship after what happened with Todd. Nick accepts Sarah's invitation to join her and Todd for their tea. Despite Todd's pleas to keep quiet, he tells a stunned Sarah that Todd is gay.


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