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Karen is still very upset about their engagement party. Nick has spent the night at Todd and Sarah's flat. Sarah is delighted that her brother and boyfriend get on so well. Bev feels embarrassed and Ciaran feels guilty about their night of passion. Sunita, oblivious to what's gone on, apologises to Ciaran for rowing with him. Todd starts to question whether or not he really loves Sarah. Sarah can sense there's something wrong but he pretends it's just work-related. Ashley and Claire see Fred off on his coach trip to Scotland. Shelley gives Steve his bill for the engagement party. Steve is horrified. Karen tells Steve that she wants the biggest most impressive wedding ever. Gail invites Angela round for a drink. They find they have a lot in common - both feel that their daughter has abandoned them, and both are very upset. Todd and Nick go for a drink and then back to Todd's for a Chinese. They talk at length and each feels very comfortable with the other. Instinctively Todd leans over and kisses Nick on the lips. Nick is shocked and angry and storms out of the flat. Todd is devastated that he misread the situation.


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