Martin and Katy start preparing to break their news to Tommy and Angela. Janice winds Karen up, telling her that by divorcing Steve just to remarry they are committing perjury and could go to prison. Karen tells Steve that they will have to pretend their divorce is for real. Brenda calls again to see Bethany. She brings Sarah and Todd a toaster. Sarah is grateful. Todd feels uncomfortable. Preston King insists that he does business with Harry who saved his life, and not Mike. Mike has to agree. Harry meets up with Preston. Preston gets Harry drunk but Harry pulls a blinder and gets a huge order at a great price. Mike is so impressed he suggests to Harry that he should become deputy manager at Underworld. Todd meets Nick for a drink. Todd admits that sometimes the lack of money and the amount of baby-sitting get him down. Ken and Deirdre arrive back from Morecambe and head for the Rovers. Peter follows them to the pub but before he can tell them what's happened Shelley calls for everyone's attention; to Peter's horror she announces to the whole pub that he's a bigamist and then introduces his real wife Lucy and their baby Simon! Martin and Katy announce to a shocked Tommy and Angela that they've fallen in love.


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Mike Baldwin (to Harry Flagg): "You mess this up and I swear you'll never clean another lav in this town again."

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