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Lucy tells Shelley everything about her relationship with Peter and their baby Simon. Norris and Emily work out that Vera's brownie cakes must have been the cause of their strange behaviour at the church fundraising meeting. Vera shows them the herb she used. Ciaran identifies it as cannabis. Vera phones the police. Shelley and Lucy discuss Peter's double life and Shelley realises to her horror that Lucy is telling the truth and that her own wedding to Peter was just a sham as he is already married. Tracy tells Roy that she's going for a scan tomorrow. Roy says he will go with her as he wants to be sure that she really is pregnant. Peter arrives back at the Rovers and is shocked to find both his "wives" in the back room discussing him. Lucy tells Peter that she never wants to see him again and that from now on he can pay for everything for Simon but he will never be allowed to see him. Shelley throws Peter out. Shelley feels completely devastated.


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Lucy Barlow (to Shelley Barlow): "'Don't think you can put me in the mistress category. I am a legal wife, right? I was married on 24th March and it was all legal and above board. It's just a shame, in the eyes of the law, your wedding didn't amount to much more than a fancy dress party."


Norris Cole (about the hash cakes): "They made me behave in a very peculiar fashion."
Vera Duckworth: "Well I've never known you 'owt else than peculiar. You can't blame my baking for that!"

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